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English truly is a global language – and it’s thanks to this fact that there are lots of opportunities to teach it in so many different countries. Teaching English abroad can be a great experience but if you’re unsure about making the move, here is a summary of online articles to inspire you…

The best 5 countries to teach English in Asia

English is a desirable language to learn in Asia. In such a large area, it is essential to use a common tongue to communicate effectively, nd people in Asia have chosen English. Because of this, there is a high demand for English teachers and Insider Monkey, an online website that monitors trend in different industries, has compiled a list of the 5 best countries to teach English in Asia. Read the article now to find out more about why English teachers are in demand so much in Asia, and discover top facts about the top 5 countries, including the salary you could expect.

Teaching English abroad is one of the best jobs for travelling the world

If you love English and are keen to see more of the world, then teaching English abroad could be the perfect job for you. This article by Ground Report, a website that gathers news and opinions from across the globe, acknowledges that fact and provides some great hints and tips for making the most of your experience.

To gain perspective, teach abroad

Technician is the official student newspaper of NC State University, and one of its guest columnists, Robin Kube, is teaches English there. Read this article to find out why he recommends to his students that they should take the time to teach abroad. He acknowledges that English is the global language and believes that teaching abroad can enrich the lives of people and help them feel connected to the world. “Most of all,” he says, “it gives them a lifelong resource for seeing the world with a broader perspective.”

Surprising things no one tells you about teaching English abroad

If you’re looking for a first-hand account about teaching English in another country, read this honest account from Siobhan Smith about her time in Vietnam. She encountered plenty of surprises, but ultimately had a fantastic time in the country, teaching youngsters the English language. She provides information of what to expect and reveals how her experience was an opportunity of a lifetime.

English as a foreign language teacher wins prestigious award

If you’re looking for further inspiration before you make your decision to become an English teacher, read this article on the Times of Malta website, which tells the story of Paula Morgan. Paula has been teaching English as a foreign language for nine years, and recently won Link School of English’s 18th annual EFL Teacher’s Award, which is based on feedback received from students through questionnaires.

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